Out of Character
  1. Athena is played modern realistic, this means no vampires or werewolves, pixies or mutants.
  2. To play is NOT to consent. Place your ego aside and realize that she is my character and I will do with her what I see fit and not what you see fit.
  3. Instant Message play is preferred but I will play rooms if it is requested of me.
  4. My post lengths can range from two to five boxes in both rooms and instant messages.
  5. Athena is gay this doesn’t mean she hates males, if you wish to play your male character with her it will only be in way of friendship and nothing romantic will come of it. I also don’t play well with herms.
  6. I am not looking for anything particular when it comes to story lines or characters.
  7. I work two jobs and go to school part time so this doesn’t leave big windows for play so please do be considerate of that fact. I will try my best to be around but real life will always come first.
  8. As far as the mun I am female, I am of legal age and have been around for a rather long time.
  9. These images do not belong to me, all writing is fictional. Character concept, history and core elements all belong to me as well as the web design.

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