in the beginning

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It started simple enough, if you could call it simple. About four years ago, me and Lizzie had been together after a year and a half then. We had just moved into a new place, somewhere big enough for the both of our crap. First floor across the street from a little park where people would jog early in the morning. Lizzie usually jogged there with them… I think that’s how she found me.

It started simple enough. Most of my nights were spent staying up late, never was a day person really. I would work out in the garage or the living room where my drafting tables were set up. She hated it, I would make too much noise or just the fact that she always fell asleep alone… I guess it was a combination of both really. Most of the time I would fall asleep on the couch or in some weird position in the garage, never comfortable, my back would always hurt for days afterwards. That’s why when I wasn’t in bed or on the couch when Lizzie woke up she paid no attention to it. She grabbed water from the fridge, stopped to tie her shoes and was off.

Across the street was that little park, the sun was barely coming up over the clouds and fog of the early morning, few people had started on the trail where Lizzie found me, she was probably the first. Tucked between a few trees and situated on a bush I was fast asleep, leaves in my hair and dirty covering the front of my shirt. A fucking mess but alive. I don’t remember how I got there, how I got out of the apartment in the first place. Unlocking the door… closing and locking it all over again. None of those things registered in my memory. All I could remember was her shaking me, the worry in her eyes and the freezing cold air.