what lies in dreams

Sometimes there are things we simply can not see. Not with the human eye, but we feel them. All around us, sometimes they push us, sometimes they want nothing more then to harm us. These things are everywhere, awake, asleep, they feed off of you. Maybe sleep walkers move in their sleep to get away from these things… Not knowing that they are just walking into a trap.

Some people report walking up in fields, parks, in their very own kitchen. Some say they eat while in their sleep, some say they engage in sexual acts with their partners, a mass of activities. I walk, I walk far away to a point where I am lost. Where everything is lost to me. I started to lock the doors, invested in new locks and ways to catch myself… Is it because I set these things that I simply float around them?

There is no stopping it, the walking in my sleep… Nor a way to put an end to the things I see in the shadows, in the daylight… It’s a constant battle between keeping my eyes closed or shutting them.

shadow men

I have never had easy sleep patterns, finding it hard...

in the beginning

It started simple enough, if you could call it simple....